Life Update!

Life Update!

Hello everyone! After almost a year of being absent I am back with some life updates. If anyone noticed I was gone for a while I promise I have a good excuse! Back in April we found out I was pregnant. I had noticed a change in my mood and how tired I was. I had 0 motivation to blog or even do my makeup. So, I decided to put blogging aside while we got ready for the baby. Another thing is I wasn’t buying makeup (besides my basics/favorites) since we were focusing on just the baby and our 4yr old. I didn’t stop wearing makeup I just stopped talking about it. Here are a few of my favorite pics of my pregnancy! I didn’t do a maternity shoot which I kind of regret now but my bathroom mirror saw many selfies!




Another big thing that happened that took up a lot of our/my time was back in November our dog Marie had puppies. For some reason she rejected them and I stepped in with bottle feeding and all that good stuff.  2 of the pups didn’t make it and with the hormones and time invested in them I didnt have energy at all to do makeup. I spent a lot of that time just focused on the pups and my daughter.


But after finding most of them loving homes and giving birth to a beautiful baby boy I AM BACK!! My son was born in January and since then I’ve made some makeup damage so I can’t wait to show you guys and talk once again about the one thing we all have in common. . . our love for makeup! I’ve also played with the idea of not focusing so much on just makeup and possibly changing my style to more of a lifestyle blog with makeup posts also, thoughts??



I am so glad to be back, glad to have a healthy baby boy and daughter, and glad to be doing what I love once again!

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed this post! -Prissy 💖

p.s. If anyone’s interested my snapchat is: Prissycutes

& my Instagram is: Prissycutes

7 thoughts on “Life Update!

  1. Welcome back lovely, glad to hear you and baby are okay. I had my daughter in November she’ll be 3months soon. I’ve also recently changed my blog to a basically lifestyle blog myself I couldn’t keep up with a separate makeup blog plus a mom blog so I connected the too. Your baby boy is so adorable god bless! Hope to see some killer makeup looks ❤

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      1. To be honestly blunt it’s been shitty girl. I haven’t been posting much my 3year old emanates a lot of my attention since I give her baby sister most of it it’s been hard doing reviews or just makeup in general. My husbands works overnights so that’s a pain in the ass. And when I do get time alone I just want to rest. I’m tryin to do some posts this week coming because I’m losing followers on my IG and it’s been crap. How r u coping with two? Is it easy for you? How was your delivery?

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      2. I woke up 2 weeks before my due date with some cramping and contractions. Went in and found out his heart beat was dipping so my ob went ahead and induced me. I went into the hospital at 11/12 and had him by 5pm. Super easy and fast. Had him in 7mins. . . Adjusting has been a process. My daughter is 4 so I think she understood what was going on but she slept with us and has had a hard time sleeping with us and the cry baby lol. My husband is Air Force and luckily has an ok shift and took charge of the puppies because before I had the baby I was caring for 6 puppies plus the momma. He tries to take care of the baby if I want to do my makeup but most of the time I take both kids into the “makeup room”. I’m hoping to get back into my blogging schedule. My husband is due to deploy so I’ll have some time to spare and hope blogging will help keep me sane and busy.

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      3. Omg girl ur strong how is it when he leaves ? Is it hard on you feeling alone often? My mucus plus came out twice before my daughter came and then I was due for 12/03 but she came 11/26 at 6:44am and I had her via c-section. This is my second one now. And I wasn’t aware I lost some water so she was alittle empty in there and already 3cm dilated. So I was ready to go within a few mins she was out and I was stitched up for recovery. Ive been buying some nail stuff too to add that into my blog posts when I don’t do makeup so I keep myself busy. Do u you live far from where your husbands stationed?


      4. We live down the road from his “home base” but when he leaves the kids and I will be going back to my parents house. He’s stationed in Florida and my family is in Chicago so we’re pretty much alone and I can’t wait for the help!! But as far as how I feel when he leaves. . . It’s an adjustment. Really tests our relationship but this will be his third deployment together so I know what to expect. We talk a lot more while he’s out there then when he’s here. We turn to hermit crabs and tend to coexist since we can’t go out much with the kids (no babysitter) so the distance makes us interesting since we’re not in each other’s space. But for him it’ll be super hard. He’ll miss our daughters first day of school, the baby’s first Halloween (my favorite holiday), our anniversary . . . That’s the hard part.

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      5. Aww girl I definitely understand I actually live out in Orlando Fl. I have no family been out here with my kids and husband all our family is back in Ny. It’s hard if we’re useto it. I’m sorry he’ll miss those important things. When we first moved out here my husband came down before us for 3months alone to get our apartment situated and I was up with my first daughter till she was almost one and he missed Father’s Day-mothers day and the baby’s first steps so it sucked for me plus our anniversary too. As long as you both still connect and trust each other that’s all that matters and that he’s a good father even if he’s miles away. I hope you will be okay. Enjoy your baby’s while you can they grow up. By the way my name is Marielli 😊 I’m 28. Puerto Rican and been married 1year in July and almost 10years with my husband in June!


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