Dear 18 Year old me. . .

Dear 18 Year old me. . .

Have you ever been asked, “If you could go back in time and  tell your 18 year old self anything what would you say??” That question always gets me thinking. Since this is a blog about makeup and what not I will be telling my 18 year old self the importance of moisturizing. I don’t think I ever cared. I did use a moisturizer but it belonged to my mom. I figured that she looked young for her age so why not use it too and it was free (haha) who doesn’t love free??

Another thing I wish I knew the importance of is spf. At such a young age I thought using sunblock only when I went to the beach was enough. Little did I know or understand uv rays and how they’re not only out just during summer. I do know during summer I used a tinted moisturizer with spf 15 but any other time of the year I didn’t bother with my daily moisturizer having spf. As an adult I am scared this will affect me down the road.

I’d also tell myself my eyelashes falling out with a certain mascara means I’m allergic to it so STOP using it. I used to have long thick lashes and suddenly that changed. I noticed it happened when I used a certain mascara. Luckily I never went through a bright blue shadow phase or black eyshadow (lol) so I got lucky with that. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup so my teenage makeup routine was black eyeliner and mascara.


Then I grew a little left the nest and started my party stage. Which meant I was using a lot more makeup. . .and I wish I could tell myself to wash it off before bed. As an adult I get so mad at myself for not getting into that routine at a younger age. My excuse was always, “I’m tired!” or “I don’t have makeup remover wipes”. As an adult now I understand the importance of washing off my makeup and hydrating my skin. Not just with a good eye and face moisturizer but with water (drinking plenty of it).

This past week I ran out of my makeup remover wipes so I stopped wearing makeup completely just because I hate using a makeup eraser on a full face of makeup. Then I remembered I have my trusty Purity wash by Philosophy. Like always I use my Equate oil-free eye makeup remover to take off my eyeshadow, liner, and mascara. I am not particularly picky about brands when it comes to this I just make sure it doesn’t irritate me. I have had other brands do that. I soak a little cotton pad and hold it against my closed eye for some seconds to break down the makeup and then gently wipe. Once thats off I wash my face with the face wash. If I didn’t do a full face of makeup thats all I do then I just moisturize like usual. If I do I’ll wash off my makeup with Purity then  I use a second face wash or a scrub. Purity is pretty amazing and does the job (I even use it to wash my stubborn  foundation brushes and beauty blender) I just double up if I need it. It is a pricey wash but SO worth it. . . in my opinion.

10 years later I like to think I am a little wiser when it comes to my health both internal and external. Beauty begins in the inside so health and hydration is important to me along with properly caring for my skin! Like many beauty guru’s say “your skin is your canvas” so I try to care for mine as much as possible. Undo all that damage I did as a care free teenager.

If you could go back in time and tell your 18 year old self anything beauty related what would it be??

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post!
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