#MOTD (my spring go to look)

#MOTD (my spring go to look)

It’s been beautiful here in Florida and I’ve started to back off of foundation. It gets so hot I don’t like to pack on the products. On days we go out or to the beach I skip foundation and just opt for concealer and a face powder.  Easy, quick, light, and simple!!

 We spent all of Saturday at the beach with family so I didn’t take any pictures of myself but this is basically the look I do. The only difference was I skipped the wing liner. But like usual I moisturize and prime like normal. I ALWAYS make sure my moisturizer has spf. If I’m going to wear foundation I make sure it has spf too. I did a glossy lip just to go with my “Dewey” theme. I packed on the highlight just for a fresh look.  Which I have been using the eyeshadow Satin Sheets from the Bon Bon palette. A neat trick I saw Nicole Guerriero does is she puts setting spray on her beauty blender and goes over her highlight just to set it into the skin and get rid of that powder look. 

This is Saturday. Same makeup deats just no liner. By the way I really should have thought of bringing a Chapstick or lip balm with spf in it. First time in my life I have sun burned lips! Ouch!   

I’m so excited for summer 2016. Anyone else?! 

What are some of your spring/summer looks? Or go to products??

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post!
Ps. If anyone’s interested my snapchat is: prissycutes

And my Instagram is: 00scilla (those are zeros lol)

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