Small Milestones. . . One step at a time!

Small Milestones. . . One step at a time!

I told myself I wasn’t going to do one of these because in reality it’s no big deal BUT to me it is! BeautyDreaming has had 200+ views and I am beyond stoked!

 As a person who has always loved makeup and beauty products I’ve gravitated towards it more and more as time goes by. With it has come a certain “hate” that gets under my skin. I started noticing that the more I posted on my social media about looks or products I purchased the more memes talking about “natural beauty”, “your face isn’t a coloring book”, and my favorite (not!!) “I have trust issues because women wear makeup” started popping up on my feed! I’m not saying they were directed at me personally but I did feel offended by it. This is something I genuinely love! To me makeup is art, it’s expression, and believe it or not for some people it’s a boost of confidence. 

So, I needed an outlet. Very few of my friends if not, only a handful, share this passion and talking to just them about makeup 24/7 can become repetitive. So I seeked a way to communicate with other makeup lovers and share our thoughts and love for makeup in a judge free zone. This is what I am trying to achieve with my blog. A little piece of space dedicated to talking makeup, makeup tips, brands, anything and everything! 

I also noticed people wanted advice but never really asked. Since posting my weekly blogs I’ve noticed people actually asks questions and I all want and hope is to help someone out there. Maybe like me you’re just a stay at home mom and can’t spend pretty pennies on everything that is constantly releasing and that’s what I’m here for. To tell you the truth of “is it worth it!” Or maybe you’re not as obsessive as me so you don’t really know what product really works. Unlike someone at a makeup store I don’t make money off of my opinion (lucky those of you that do! Lol) so I am giving you a 100% raw review. 

So thank you to everyone who reads my ramblings, who shares this love with me, and who is kind enough to share their opinion with me when I don’t know! 

Thank you to my husband for believing in me and providing the tools to bring these posts to life. Thanks to my best friend for all her advice, knowledge, and support. Thanks to my mother in law for taking the time to read all my posts. 

May we all keep blogging in peace, blend our eyeshadows until our hands fall off, and may we all be f.  .  . Fabulous!! πŸ’‹

🍾🍾🍾 cheers to many more posts. Many more views. And much much much more makeup!!🍾🍾🍾

Thanks for reading. I am eternally grateful πŸ‘½ 


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