Color Correcting

Color Correcting

If like me you have acne, dark circles, or suffer from rosacea then you probably already color correct. It may seem like its something new and trendy but for some of us its a necessity and something thats been around.

If you’ve taken an art class then you must remember the color wheel. Well colors directly across from each other help cancel out the other. For instance Green is directly across from Red therefore canceling it out.

Now a days theres a primer, concealer (like a tube), or a concealer palette to help with any problem areas. If you tend to get a little red all over the face then something as simple as a green tinted primer will help. Or if like me you get those huge inflamed pimples than a green concealer will work better because it will be a bit thicker proving more coverage. Remember concealer is build-able and can go from sheer to full coverage easily.

Sonia Kashuk Concealer

For me this Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer quad in 08 Medium is all I’ve been using. It has a light shade, darker shade, the green shade, and a powder.

This concealer works to minimize the appearance of dark circles, fine lines and skin imperfections while offering an overall smooth and polished finish. Two shades of concealer make it possible to custom-blend your own shade. Rich in treatment ingredients this palette contains: Jojobal Oil, Horse Chestnut Extract and Apricot Oil for smoothing and emollient properties; Vitamins A, C & E protect with anti-oxidant and anti-aging action and the colorless powder smoothes skin and offers hydrating properties for a natural and bright finish. -from their website

Across from blue/purple/green you have orange/red/yellow. So a salmon, peach, pinkish color will help with dark under eye circles. I don’t usually have to resort to concealer for my under eyes because I try to get my full 8hrs of sleep but when my insomnia kicks in and I only sleep for a few hours this trick has been so helpful!


I actually learned this nifty trick from Missy Lyn on youtube. I know its a lipstick and I know its extreme but I cannot see myself spending $5+ on something I use once in a blue moon. This is Rimmel’s Lasting Finish by Kate 110 in Rossetto. So what I do is swipe a little on my ring finger and gently apply it to the under eye. Normally concealer is enough for me but there is people out there who have severe pigmentation under the eye where an actual concealer will be more beneficial. But if you partied too hard the night before and need a quick fix just dab a bit of lipstick in any of the shades I mentioned. (If you’re like me and a bit of a germaphobe then obviously you sanitize your products after cross using.)

Then there’s other colors out there like yellow, orange, white, and purple. IMG_1651

Here is how I conceal my pimple the size of Texas. (LOL) Because my skin does have acne scaring I try to use a light hand with concealer. All I did was prime, color correct, under eye concealer, and foundation.

Any methods you use to color correct problem areas??

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post!!

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