I wasn’t going to do one of these posts this week because I’ve been feeling under the weather so I haven’t been wearing much makeup. That and my makeup has been doing this funky thing where it looks cakey/bumpy. I’m not sure whats causing it but I’m almost positive it’s that I ran out of my Skindanavia setting spray.

But since I haven’t been wearing much makeup when I do I’ve been doing a much more soft look. I totally copied this from my bff. She posted a picture with no eyeliner on and I was in love. I always draw inspiration from the best and she never disappoints.💖 I do everything the same just skip the wing liner. img_1509-1

I’ve also been doing a nude lip. I have very pigmented lips so for me this a nude lol. This is Maybelline’s 920 Nudy Lust. 


In this pic I went with a glossy lip. The whole “liquid lipsticks” and mattes fad is getting a bit old. (lol) Just my opinion don’t judge me!! In this picture I used Satin sheets from the Bon Bon palette as a cheekbone and nose highlighter. The golden undertones go so well with my complexion. It feels like such a fresh look and totally different without a wing.

So I have to ask any drugstore setting spray I should get my hands on??

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoy similar ones!

Ps. If anyone’s interested my snapchat is: prissycutes
And my Instagram is: 00scilla (those are zeros lol)

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