Brushes. . . Brushes Galore!

Brushes. . . Brushes Galore!

If you know me personally then you already know that I am a make up brush junkie! If you are just joining me and plan to stay a while you will soon find out that, I AM A BRUSH JUNKIE! It started with this unrealistic  idea that I needed a specific brush for a specific face section to be any good. With people on youtube, instagram, and pinterest shoving content down your throat it’s easy to get caught up in these unrealistic expectations. More brushes doesn’t make you any better or less of a makeup lover, trust me! Now a days I’m more of “conscious” shopper. Is it animal cruelty free, does it shed, whats the price?? (lol)

So here I am today to talk about a brand I love and to rant, a little.


I never put much thought when I bought a sharpener. I figured they all do the same thing right?? WRONG!!!!! Im a bargain shopper, a ‘we don’t have much money’ shopper, so naturally I opted for the $0.99 sharpener and I regret it soooooooo much! I’ve ruined a few eyeliners and lip liners. So finally I told myself I’d waste a little more on something that in the long run would save me money. My old sharpener was not sharpening at all, would break off whatever I did manage to sharpen, and at times would completely pull out the product. Anyone else experience this? Any suggestions on a good sharpener??


Is anyone else obsessed with Real Technique brushes?? They are such good brushes and so affordable. My hope is to one day own all the sets they have (lol) I can’t help myself! The story behind the Real Technique creators is pretty awesome. It’s every girls dream come true. . . or maybe just mine! Here’s the Real Techniques website 


This here is their blush brush. I always walk by it in the store and admire it. Finally I threw it in the cart and let the hubs pay for it. GUILT FREE! These brushes are so worth it. I’ve washed mine multiple times and have yet to experience ANY shedding. For me that’s a plus because I hate when I get little bristles left behind that itch. They are easy to clean and are synthetic too.  This specific brush retails for $9 on their website. Not bad considering a MAC blush brush is $35. I’ve seen them for sale at Ulta, Walmart, and even some Walgreens. 3:3:16-4

(Btw excuse the dirty brushes. Tonight is bath night for these babies) Pictured here: the big orange one is Powder brush $10, Pink dome brush is the Blush brush $9, Big white one is a Duo-Fiber face brush, the other small white brush is also a Duo-Fiber contour brush which comes in a set with another brush (Duo-Fiber eye brush) and retails for $20. The other orange brush is part of the Core Collection and its a Contour brush, this set retails for $18 and it includes 3 other brushes. The two purple brushes are from the Starter Set and its a Base shadow brush and a Brow Brush, this set retails for $18 and it includes 3 more eye brushes. The bag is from Ipsy.

So lets talk brushes! Any that you love and suggest??

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post!!

Ps. If anyone’s interested my snapchat is: prissycutes

And my Instagram is: 00scilla (those are zeros lol)

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